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About Leon Rosselson 

Leon Rosselson is an acclaimed singer and songwriter with more than 50 years of performing under his belt and the author of 17 children's books. 
Here you can find more information, a complete bibliography and musicography of Leon's works as well as an up to date list of upcoming gigs. You can also get in touch if you'd like more information or to purchase a book or record.

News & Updates

TONY BLAIR to advise the Egyptian President, Abdel Fattah El-Sisi..


Democracy so fine, so fair
How come it landed us with Blair?
Gave us as our leader one
Who thinks that he is God’s own son
A tricky politician who
Believes what he believes is true.
Some think him bumptious, vain and smug
Regard him as a well-bred thug
But Blair’s an amiable guy
Look he wouldn’t harm a fly
But when he smiles, children die.
I met murder on the stair
He had a mask like Tony Blair
He cracked a smile, he cracked a joke
A pretty straighforward sort of bloke.
And a crusading politician
Democracy, that’s his mission
To spread it here, to spread it there
So everyone can have a share.
Western democracy, the prize
The surest way to civilise
The backward nations, set them free
And if they dare to disagree
They must be bombed for their objections
Until they learn to hold elections.
They call this, I forgot to mention, 
Humanitarian intervention.
And did the slaughter his war brought
Ever give him pause for thought?
And did the chaos he created
A country smashed and devastated
The tortured, the incarcerated
The shattered millions who fled
The maimed, the half a million dead
Cause him to pause or hesitate? 
Or did he simply calculate
That this was a price that was worth paying
And salved his conscience by praying?
Well afterwards you couldn’t get
From Blair a smidgeon of regret.
Indeed this unrepentant man
Declared a wish to bomb Iran
Liar, fantasist and faker
Will answer only to his maker.
Now think on this - for all his crimes
We elected Blair - three times.
Last Updated on Monday, 04 August 2014 17:13

Happy Birthday Leon!

On 22nd June 2014, Leon turned 80!

Friends and family joined him for a day of singing and merry-making  

Friends and family

Singing in the garden 

Leon's life in records was served up for dessert, in flavours of ginger, date and lemon. Yum!

80th birthday cake 

Last Updated on Friday, 27 June 2014 16:01

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